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AERO 454 Remote mount unit
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Guardian Avionics wants you to be safe while operating your aircraft.
14 CFR 91.3 As the Pilot in command (PIC) you are the person aboard the aircraft who is responsible for its safe
operation during flight. Our products are intended to assist you inflight or on the ground. CO Guardian LLC. dba
Guardian Avionics makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its calculations and data. Guardian Avionics cannot
guarantee the accuracy of the data. If you choose to use any of the Guardian Avionics Apps or data systems, you agree to
hold harmless CO Guardian LLC. dba Guardian Avionics and those persons acting on its behalf for any and all, but not
limited to, liability, bodily injury, and/or property damage arising from the use of our software and hardware.
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The AERO 454 Carbon Monoxide Detector with Bluetooth - Remote Mount
Connect to your GPS and your iPad or iPhone. See details below.