AERO 455 Pulse Oximeter & CO Detector (Not for Sale)
AERO 455 Pulse Oximeter & CO Detector (Not for Sale)

AERO 455 Pulse Oximeter & CO Detector (Not for Sale)

TSO Certified Panel Mounted Pulse Oximeter and CO Detector with Cabin Pressure Warning

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Not for Sale.
Part Number [MPN]:455-101-001R [75-97]

The AERO 455 panel mounted Pulse Oximeter and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector is a TSO Certified unit designed especially for use in FAA certified aircraft. A compact unit mounted in an easily accessible position on the panel, the AERO 455 allows the pilot and crew the ability to measure blood oxygen levels (O2 saturation), measure cabin temperature, measure cabin altitude, and provide highly accurate CO detection in the cabin with display on an external unit (see hardware list). This TSO certified Pulse Oximeter and CO detection unit is optimal for owners and pilots of high performance, unpressurized certified aircraft looking for a tool to help in the avoidance of hypoxia at altitude along with protection from the dangers of carbon monoxide in their certified aircraft with integration to display on an existing AERO 55 display, PFD, MFD, or engine monitor system.

Avoidance of hypoxia at higher altitudes is important to pilots – lower blood oxygen levels could result in physical impairment, unconsciousness, and even death if not accurately monitored. Even while using supplemental oxygen, measurement of blood oxygen levels is important to assure the effectiveness of O2. The highly sensitive built-in pulse oximeter in the AERO 455 measures the blood oxygen level and pulse (heart rate) of the pilot or crew member when the index finger is inserted into the unit. Measurement takes only seconds and will display on the compatible units listed below.

The sensitive onboard CO sensor alarms when carbon monoxide levels measure greater than 50 parts-per-million (PPM). A loud 85 dB aural warning will sound and an externally mounted amber warning light will flash when CO measures 50 to 99 PPM over a 3-5 minute span. An aural warning and an externally mounted red flashing warning will trigger when levels climb above 99 PPM immediately when detected.

The built-in pressure sensor indicates altitude warnings at 10,000 feet, 12,500 feet, and 14,000 feet as a reminder to the pilot that supplemental oxygen should be used. These warnings are displayed on an optional annunciator light.

The included RS-232 serial connection allows added CO level reporting and alerts to be displayed on a variety of Primary Flight Display (PFD), Multi-Function Display (MFD), and engine monitor products as well as the AERO 55 display unit. Please refer to the approved product list below.