MFD 851 integrated with JPI and Garmin 650/ 750
MFD 851 integrated with JPI and Garmin 650/ 750

MFD 851 integrated with JPI and Garmin 650/ 750

FAA Approved Remote Mounted Flight Data Recorder, Integrated with JPI, and Garmin 650/750.

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Part Number [MPN]:851-201-003


Please see Manuals/Drawings for "Owners Initial Setup" page required for the MFD-851

The smartLink 851 is a Flight Data Recorder, CO Detector, USB Power Supply (dual 2.7 amp)  that works with the Guardian Avionics smartPlane app system. This unit is remote mounted behind the panel or on a smartPlane iPad mounts to save space in smaller panels. The smartLink 851 communicates with the smartMFD iOS app via a hard wire USB connection.

Start with the CO Poisoning Prevention that Guardian Avionics is Known For.

The smartLink 851 is built around the reliable and accurate Carbon Monoxide detection technology that Guardian Avionics and CO Guardian has been known since 2003. The sensitive onboard CO sensor alarms an initial warning when CO levels measure greater than 50 parts-per-million (PPM) up to 99 PPM. When the CO level is triggered at 50 to 99 PPM will signal an alarm around 3-1/2 minutes. A warning will trigger when levels climb above 100 PPM immediately when detected.

Your GPS, Engine Monitor, and Attitude Connect & Display on Your iPad & iPhone.

The smartLink 851 can be connected to your onboard GPS (Garmin GNS430, 480, 530, GTN625, 635, 650, 725, 750, GTN750Xi, 650Xi, GNX375, GNC355, and Avidyne IFD440 and 540). AHRS data from Garmin G5 or G3X and G3X Touch can be displayed on IOS app. Engine Monitor (Garmin G3X and G3X Touch, JPI EDM730, 830, 900 primary and Experimental, 930, Guardian Avionics EM100 see link below for a full list of products) via RS-232, allowing accurate navigation and engine performance data to be aggregated, transmitted, displayed, and recorded on your iPad and/or iPhone through the Guardian Avionics smartMFD app. The data stored on the iPad or iPhone is transmitted to the Cloud via cellular or Wi-Fi located at As a result, your iPad and iPhone become mini-multifunction displays -- fully equipped with accurate VFR and IFR maps and charts, rich graphical engine performance information, and even a mini-PFD/MFD for quick reference. All Carbon Monoxide alerts and levels are also available on the smartMFD app too! 

Your 851 connected to your ADS-B.

With our new smartLink system unit 851, it’s now easy for you to connect your Flight Data Recorder to your ADS-B! Meets the FAA requirements of January 2020.

ADS-B receivers can make your flight safer and more efficient by providing you real-time weather, traffic, TFRs, and other flight data. 

Our Flight Data Recorder can easily be connected to a large panel of ADS-B units in the market such as FlightBox ADS-B, Avidyne IFD series (440,540) and much more.

Your 851 connected to your Radio (NAV/COM) 

Our smartLink 851 Flight Data recorder cannot only be connected to your GPS, Engine Monitor and ADS-B, but also to your own Radio through a solid RS-232 connection through secondary radios. 

Radio includes Navigation and communication tools such as VOR/LOC/GS and VHF comm transceiver allowing you to have a full and complete package. 

Our 851 Flight Data recorder is compatible with a large panel of Radios available in the market such as the Garmin SL-30, Trig TY91, Trig TY92, GTR225, and GNC255. 

All Your Flight Data is Sent and Stored in the smartData Web site at for You.

Through the smartMFD app, all of your flight data is stored and uploaded to your account on the Guardian Avionics smartData web site via 3G/4G/LTE or WiFi at the end of every flight, with the ability to download and view flight tracks on programs like Google Earth, view engine data through rich charts and graphs, and even export your data for use through other programs or to send to others. 

How can you use the data? See how accurate your recent practice approaches were on a recent flight. Send trend data to your A&P or engine manufacturer to troubleshoot an issue. Evaluate all aspects of a recent training flight, including radio procedures.

Budget and Panel Space Friendly.

Equipping the smartLink 851 is like bundling multiple pieces of equipment into one compact remote mounted or smartPanel mounted unit. In the past you’d need to buy and install a CO detector, GPS signal booster, USB Power Supply and backup AHRS for your iPad/iPhone as separate items – and flight data recording on an app for both navigation and engine data was not even available! Now you can get all of that in one small, easy to install package for one reasonable price!

FAA NORSEE Approved for Part 23 Aircraft Installation.

All smartPlane products from Guardian Avionics are approved for installation in certified aircraft under 14 CFR Part 23, 27 and 29 as "Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment" (NORSEE) as outlined in FAA memorandum number PS-AIR-21.8-1602. Installation requires only a minor alteration logbook entry by the installing A&P mechanic or inspector. Please click on this link to see all NORSEE authorization letters for Guardian Avionics aircraft.

Compatible GPS and Engine Data Systems

The smartLink 851 supports data input via RS-232 from the systems listed at this link.

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