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Are you and your passengers safe from the invisible threat of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in your General Aviation aircraft?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas is odorless and tasteless, but its impact is far from invisible when it comes to aviation safety. When inhaled in high concentrations or for over extended periods of time, pilots are subject to severe incapacitation or even death.

Carbon Monoxide attaches to hemoglobin in the red blood cells and has an affinity for attachment 200 times higher than that of plain oxygen. Even just a small amount of CO in your blood supply will severely impact its ability to carry oxygen and it grows even more deadly with higher concentrations. Initial symptoms of low level CO poisoning include headache, tingling feeling in the fingertips, drowsiness, and dizziness – eventually leading to unconsciousness and cardiovascular failure with high or prolonged exposure.

For pilots, the effect of CO exposure is multiplied with flight at higher altitudes. As altitude increases, oxygen saturation levels decrease, and CO effects are more pronounced – leading to dangerous hypoxic situations for pilots and passengers.

The line of Carbon Monoxide detectors for General Aviation aircraft from Guardian Avionics are your first line of defense against the dangers of CO poisoning. Guardian Avionics has over 15 years of experience as the leading manufacturer of CO detection systems for both certified and experimental aircraft. Guardian Avionics CO detectors are standard OEM factory installed safety equipment installed for new aircraft from Cessna Aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft, Piper Aircraft, and Diamond Aircraft.

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