Come see our trade show booths!

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We will be offering a 10% discount on all products at SUN 'n FUN 2022, Alaskan Airman Association 2022, and Oshkosh 2022. Below are the dates and shows will have our booth set up at. AEA New Orleans - March 28-31, 2022 [Booth 401] SUN 'n FUN - April 5-10, 2022 Oshkosh - July 25-31, 2022 Alaskan Airman Association - May 6-8, 2022 Aero Friedrichshafen Germany - April 27-30, 2022

New iPad Mini 6 now works with Guardian Avionics smartPlane Mount!

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The Guardian Avionics iPad Mini mount now works with the new iPad Mini! With our pre wired connection to our USB Power Supplies the iPad Mini mount can fit all generation iPad Minis with just a change of cables! 

CO It's a Gas

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Big Glass For Less Money Guardian Avionics' New smartPlane Is Worth Watching

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Carbon Monoxide likely caused death of football star Emiliano Sala.

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  Carbon Monoxide is an invisible killer with no smell, colour or taste.
  It is deadly because the gas starves the body of vital oxygen.

  This has consequences throughout the body, but highly active tissues in the heart and brain are affected first.

  Carbon monoxide poisoning affects balance, vision and eventually consciousness. High doses are outright deadly.

Guardian Avionics Unveils smartPlane EM100 iPad-Based Engine Monitor for smartPlane System

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Guardian Avionics of Tucson, AZ is pleased to unveil the smartPlane EM100 Engine Monitor, the newest component in the smartPlane line of products allowing aircraft owners to transform their panel into a budget-friendly glass cockpit using the entire line of iPad products from Apple. The smartPlane EM100 Engine Monitor allows owners to connect a wide range of non-proprietary sensors and probes to the EM100, where it converts and relays real-time engine performance and health data to the smartPlane 851 that collects, decodes, and displays the engine data through the smartMFD app on the iPad. Once captured within the smartMFD app, all engine and performance data is collected, logged, and uploaded to the smartCloud online application using 4G or WiFi connections to allow the owner to see valuable long-term trend analysis in an easy to use format.

Who is excited for OshKosh?

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Getting excited about planning your trip to OshKosh 2019? We are too!
Here is a list of 5 five things that you have to do when planning your trip to OshKosh. 
(Sorry, EAA AirVenture, everyone is supposed to be politically correct these days)

1. Stop at an interesting FBO on your way to the show!

If you are coming from the west coast, plan on getting fuel at Leadville, CO.
It is officially the highest FBO in the United States and is an awesome trip to cross off your flying bucket list.
The elevation is 9,934' and the views on your descent are out of this world!   READ MORE!

Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Danger in the Cockpit… Protect Yourself This Winter with CO Detectors for Aviation from Guardian Avionics

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As the cold weather season descends on the Northern Hemisphere, pilots and aircraft owners should turn their attention to a very significant danger in the cockpit. A danger that is an invisible and deadly by-product of the engines that keep us in the air. A danger that can seep its way into our cabins through the heaters that we use during this winter season. The danger is Carbon Monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless and tasteless gas that is highly poisonous to humans. Exposure in even small concentrations can quickly lead to short-term symptoms and in prolonged or higher concentrations can lead to incapacitation and even death. Even repeat or long-term exposures at lower concentrations in a closed environment can lead to the same result.

When inhaled, CO is absorbed easily into the bloodstream where it attaches itself to hemoglobin with a bond that is over 200 times that of Oxygen. Because CO prevents the transport of oxygen in hemoglobin, the symptoms of CO poisoning are very similar to Hypoxia.

Guardian Avionics Unveils smartPlane System – an iPad-Based Multifunction Display & Flight Data Recorder with AHRS and Voice Command Capability – an MFD for Under $1000 for Your FAA Certified Aircraft!

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When was the last time you saw a full-featured, installed multifunction display system for a certified General Aviation aircraft for less than $1000? When was the last time you interacted with your display by voice? If your answers for both of those questions was “I haven’t” – then you need to read on!

Recent Accident in Minnesota Reinforces the Need for Carbon Monoxide Detection in General Aviation Aircraft and Guardian Avionics Has New Affordable Solutions

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Recent Accident in Minnesota Reinforces the Need for Carbon Monoxide Detection in General Aviation Aircraft and Guardian Avionics Has New Affordable SolutionsOn the night of February 2nd, 2017, a Mooney M20M departed Duluth, MN for Winona, MN. At approximately 8:00pm radar contact was lost with the aircraft and the FAA reported the aircraft missing at 8:15pm. At approximately 9:10pm a 911 call was received from a homeowner in Ellendale, MN stating that an aircraft had crashed nearby and the pilot had walked to the residence for help.

Guardian Avionics Introduces Dual 2.1 Amp USB Power Port Replacement for Standard 12v Cigarette Lighter Socket for Certified Part 23, 27, and 29 Aircraft & Rotorcraft

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Guardian Avionics Dual 2.1 Amp USB Power Supply for 12v Cigarette Lighter Socket ReplacementGuardian Avionics is excited to introduce a new and simple USB power upgrade option for aircraft owners who have an old 12v cigarette lighter socket in their current panel – the Guardian Avionics Power 250-101R Dual 2.1 Amp USB Power Supply with a 0.9” diameter round faceplate designed to fit a standard round cigarette lighter socket opening in the instrument panel. 

Guardian Avionics Aero 452 CO Detectors Meet Requirements of Lycoming Engine TIO-540-AJ1A Service Bulletin 627C

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Lycoming Engines has released a Service Bulletin (SB 627C) for the Lycoming Engine Model TIO-540-AJ1A affecting primarily Cessna T206 Stationair aircraft requiring exhaust system inspections in response to field reports of exhaust leaks due to cracked welds and exhaust studs pulling from a cylinder on the engine. Lycoming is requiring an initial exhaust system inspection within 10 flight hours of the date of the Service Bulletin (November 17, 2016) and inspections and torque checks at intervals after the original inspection.

Black Friday Savings for Safer Winter Flying!

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Take advantage of some of our lowest prices ever on the iFDR Panel Mount Package for iPad Mini and our Aero 551 and Aero 553 Digital Carbon Monoxide Detectors with our Black Friday Savings event going on now through December 4th, 2016. Save big while keeping your aircraft safe during winter weather flying and beyond!

Guardian Avionics Awarded First FAA NORSEE Approval for Installation of iPad / iPhone Mounts and USB Power Supplies in Certified GA Aircraft

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Guardian Avionics is pleased to announce that it has received the first ever FAA approval to install manufactured products into certified aircraft as “Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment” (NORSEE) under the requirements outlined in PS-AIR-21.8-1602. This new authorization allows all models of the popular Guardian Avionics iFDR Panel Mount line for iPad and iPhone and all iFDR Power 150 and 250 USB Power Supplies to be installed in all CFR Part 23 certified General Aviation aircraft and Part 27 and 29 normal and transport category rotorcraft.

Guardian Avionics Featured in "Power Panel" Article in AOPA Pilot Magazine

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Guardian Avionics Featured in AOPA Pilot MagazineGuardian Avionics is honored to be featured in the article "Power Panel" by Jill W. Tallman in the September 2016 issue of AOPA Pilot, the official magazine of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association. The article details the reimagined panel design for the 2016 AOPA Sweepstakes Cessna 172 as restored by Yingling Aviation of Wichita, Kansas. The Guardian Avionics iFDR Panel Mount for iPad Mini is a prominent part of the new panel for the Cessna, placed in the center, directly under the radio and GPS stack! The article goes into great detail about the advantages of the iFDR Panel Mount!

Guardian Avionics Introduces New Line of USB Power Solutions for General Aviation Aircraft

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Guardian Avionics Introduces New Line of USB Power Solutions for General Aviation AircraftIn response to growing demand for USB power in General Aviation cockpits as the use of tablets and smartphones becomes more common, Guardian Avionics is pleased to announce a new line of USB power solutions for both panel mounted and remote mounted applications. The new iFDR Power 250 series provides small, but highly capable power conversion, bringing 9 to 48 VDC systems down to 5 VDC at 2.1 amps to safely power most consumer electronics using a USB-A connection – including most smartphones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad. The new iFDR Power 250 series provides small, but highly capable power conversion, bringing 9 to 48 VDC systems down to 5 VDC at 2.1 amps (10 watt) to safely power most consumer electronics using a USB-A connection – including most smartphones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad.

Guardian Avionics Adds iPad Air / iPad Pro 9.7” and iPhone 6+ Flush Mounts to iFDR Instrument Panel Mount Line for iPad and iPhone

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Guardian Avionics, announces the addition of new flush panel mount models for the Apple iPad Air / iPad Pro (9.7”) model and the Apple iPhone 6+ to the new iFDR Panel Mount line unveiled in April. The iFDR line already includes mounts for the Apple iPad Pro (12.9”), the Apple iPad Mini, and the Apple iPhone 6. With the addition of the two new mounts to the line, Guardian Avionics has a flush mounting solution for every current iPad and iPhone product on the market.

Guardian Avionics Announces New iFDR Instrument Panel Mount Series for iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPhone 6

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Guardian Avionics, the leader in General Aviation OEM and aftermarket TSO Certified and experimental Carbon Monoxide detection systems for production and homebuilt aircraft, is pleased to announce the new iFDR Panel Mount series of instrument panel flush mounts for the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPad Mini, and Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch). Installed within the instrument panel, iFDR Panel Mounts create a clean and safe position for the iPhone or iPad in the cockpit, fully connected to power and data as well as audio. By mounting on the panel, the eyes of the pilot stay out of the lap as found with most kneeboard mounts, and electronics stay out of the way of flight control movement as found with yoke mounts.

“The iPad is becoming one of the most important tools for both professional and private pilots” said Ash Vij, President of Guardian Avionics. “Pilots need to keep that tool in their frame of reference in flight… that’s why we felt it important to develop the iFDR Panel Mount series.”