Guardian Avionics Unveils smartPlane EM100 iPad-Based Engine Monitor for smartPlane System

Posted by on 7/22/2019 to News
Guardian Avionics of Tucson, AZ is pleased to unveil the smartPlane EM100 Engine Monitor, the newest component in the smartPlane line of products allowing aircraft owners to transform their panel into a budget-friendly glass cockpit using the entire line of iPad products from Apple. The smartPlane EM100 Engine Monitor allows owners to connect a wide range of non-proprietary sensors and probes to the EM100, where it converts and relays real-time engine performance and health data to the smartPlane 851 that collects, decodes, and displays the engine data through the smartMFD app on the iPad. Once captured within the smartMFD app, all engine and performance data is collected, logged, and uploaded to the smartCloud online application using 4G or WiFi connections to allow the owner to see valuable long-term trend analysis in an easy to use format.