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  • Q.  What is the recommended recalibration time frame and cost?
    • A.   Although the CO sensors in our CO detectors have a life of 5 to 7 years under ideal conditions and if protected from all external contaminants, we recommend a re-calibration of the units after 5 years. The CO sensor is very sensitive, and certain external substances in the ambient air can change its characteristics and affect its reliability. The re-calibration can be done by us for a flat fee. This service includes installation of a new CO sensor, recalibration, and a complete system check. You get a fresh 12 month warranty. See owner's manual for more details. For more details please visit the Calibration page located under the Support tab.
  • Q.  What happened to the Aero 250 and 352?
    • A.   The Aero 250 is no longer in production. Please contact our sales staff for upgrade options. Aero 352 owners please see the Aero 353 product line. You can also visit our Recalibration page. The first step to having your 352 overhauled is contacting Guardian Avionics through our website to retrieve an RMA number. We would need to know your complete part number and the serial number of your unit. We are only able to overhaul units with a serial number greater than 80,000. Units with a serial number lower than 80,000 are not able to be calibrated as it has a different sensor that we no longer have the equipment or the parts to calibrate. (If this is your case you would need an overhaul replacement) If your unit is able to be overhauled, the turnaround time is 24 hours; the price for this is $249.00 plus shipping. After your unit is overhauled it's good for another 5 years. The price for an overhaul replacement is $299.00 with a $100.00 core charge. The core charge would be refunded to you when we receive your core. Note: Prices subject to change.
  • Q.  Why does the amber light continually blink?
    • A.   Return the unit to CO Guardian for repair or replacement if during Self-Test of the Model 452 unit, the amber alert light continues to blink once per second and the remote alert light, if installed, continues to blink at a rate of once each four (4)seconds.
  • Q.  Do your CO detectors integrate to the GIA 63?
    • A.   Many of our CO Detectors are TSO certified (TSO- C48A) and integrate to the Garmin G1000 with no setup or engineering required from your end. Our 452, 454, and 455 integrate to the GIA 63. Please see wiring diagram.
  • Q.  WingX pro 7 from Hilton Software LLC
    • A.   We are very excited to have the opportunity to integrate our state of the art Bluetooth technology with WingX Pro7. Now when a pilot is flying the airplane with a Garmin GPS device and using the Aero 454, WingX Pro7 will automatically display the GPS information in its powerful moving map. Route changes on the Garmin will be seamlessly shown in WingX Pro7.
  • Q.  What engine parameters does the iFDR 650 monitor?
    • A.   The iFDR 650 will monitor all data that is being transmitted via RS232 from your JPI 730/830/900/930 (JPI unit must be installed in the aircraft). The data is transmitted via Bluetooth to an iPad or iPhone. Pilot FMS app is required.