Who is excited for OshKosh?

Posted by 7/2/2019 on 7/2/2019 to News

Getting excited about planning your trip to OshKosh 2019? We are too!
Here is a list of 5 five things that you have to do when planning your trip to OshKosh. 
(Sorry, EAA AirVenture, everyone is supposed to be politically correct these days)

 1. Stop at an interesting FBO on your way to the show!

 If you are coming from the west coast, plan on getting fuel at Leadville, CO.
 It is officially the highest FBO in the United States and is an awesome trip to cross off your flying bucket   list.
 The elevation is 9,934' and the views on your descent are out of this world!

 You don't have to stop at Leadville, but try to find an interesting feature to see on your way to OshKosh and   make sure to take a different route on the way home.
 Remember, the airways less traveled make all the difference! :)

 2. Make sure to check out the Warbirds! 

 The WWII era aircraft and era-specific vehicles and clothing are awesome. There are some dedicated   people that will be in era-appropriate clothing all week in JULY just to give a sense of authenticity.

 Watching them sweat in the wool uniforms makes you thankful for the sacrifices that male and female   aviators of our past armed forces had to endure.
 Each year there is a signature warbird that will be shown, most of the time it is an aircraft that has been   fully restored and debuts at the show.
 Hopefully, the XP-82 will be there this year in all it's glory!

 3. Go see the Seaplane Base!

 Just a few minutes from the main grounds at Wittman Regional Airport and hosts about 100   amphibious aircraft each year.
 For those of you that have an amphibian and are planning on landing on Lake Winnebago, the EAA   AirVenture Seaplane Base is located at (N43°56.47'/ W88°29.62')
 If you choose to drive, the address is 5202 Streich Lane, Oshkosh, WI 54902. The Phone number to   the base is 920-230-7829 and is strictly for the week of AirVenture.

 4. Make sure to see the Night Airshow!

They have 2 scheduled Air Show Performances this year, Wednesday the 24th and Sunday the 27th.
These shows are fun for the whole family, the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team always puts on a spectacular performance, along with plenty of pilots that will rock the sky with stunning feats.
If you have any photographers in the family, make sure they bring their gear to the Night Airshow. The night show always has great fireworks and plenty of chances for some great aviation photography.

 5. Be prepared to do nothing but talk flying!

 Everyone, literally EVERYONE, that will be there loves to fly.
 Be prepared to give your N number and description of your beloved bird to pretty much everyone   you come in contact with.
 By the end of the week, people will know you by your airport code instead of your state.
 All in all, there is nothing like it!
 If you are on the fence about going or not, just stop what you are doing and book everything for the   trip.
 You won't regret your decision, and you will enjoy a week of all things aviation related with 500,000   of your closest friends!