CO Guardian Aero 451-101 Panel Mount CO Detector
CO Guardian Aero 451-101 Panel Mount CO Detector

CO Guardian Aero 451-101 Panel Mount CO Detector

Basic Panel Mounted CO Detector for Certified Aircraft (NORSEE)

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The CO Guardian 451-101 panel mounted Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector is designed especially for FAA certified Part 23 aircraft and Part 27 and 29 rotorcraft. A compact and lightweight unit meant to use as little panel space as possible, the 451-101 combines highly accurate CO detection for the cockpit in a small package. This CO detection unit is perfect for builders and pilots looking for basic protection from the dangers of carbon monoxide in their certified aircraft or helicopter.

Installation of the 451-101 is authorized for Part 23, 27, and 29 aircraft/rotorcraft under the Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (NORSEE) authorization and requires only a "Minor Alteration" logbook entry by an IA.

The sensitive onboard CO sensor alarms when carbon monoxide levels measure 50 to 99 PPM over a 3-5 minute span or alarm immediately when CO levels reach above 99 PPM.

The compact and lightweight CO Guardian 451-101 will fit into a small 2.25 in by 1.5 in instrument position and weighs only 4.0 oz. Installation is very simple and takes only 2-4 hours on average. The 451-101 accommodates a connection to an external annunciator light (sold separately) to add an additional level of safety when the unit is out of view.

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