iFDR Connected Cockpit

iFDR Connected Cockpit from Guardian Avionics

The Apple iPad and iPhone have brought a portable electronic revolution to General Aviation cockpits everywhere. From navigation to weather; entertainment to communication, portable electronics have become valued tools to make aviation safer and more connected than ever before.

Guardian Avionics is here to make the process of integrating your iPad or iPhone into your cockpit and instrument panel easier than ever! Our iFDR series of connected cockpit products offers solutions to mount and integrate your tablet or phone directly inside your panel, and power solutions to keep your tools powered up through the flight!

Finally, connect your aircraft with your tablet or phone through our revolutionary iFDR 650 Panel Mount and iFDR 680 Remote Mount avionics data bridges to integrate with popular GPS and engine monitor products from leading manufacturers such as Garmin and J.P. Instruments (JPI). Display data, engine performance graphs, and aviation charts on your tablet or phone in real-time, record all your flight data (including audio), and automatically upload it to the cloud after each flight! Coupled with our industry-leading CO detection technology, the iFDR 650 / 680 are powerful extensions to make your iPad and iPhone even more effective in flight and on the ground!

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