smartPower 150-301 Single Power Supply for smartPanel Mounts
iFDR Power 150-301 USB Power Unit *Mount and cable not included

smartPower 150-301 Single Power Supply for smartPanel Mounts

Remote Mounted Single USB Power Supply for smartPanel Mounts in FAA Certified and Experimental Aircraft

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Part Number [MPN]:IFDR150-301 (p/n 200-301A) 150-301W [75-12]

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Reliable Power for your smartPanel Mount for iPad

The smartPower 150-301 is a remote mounted Single power / charging unit designed to mount directly on the smartPanel Mounts for iPads and provide reliable power for your installed iPad Mini or iPad Air / Pro 9.7". The smartPower 150-301 provides 2.7 amps at 5 VDC ± 0.25 (10 watt). The smartPower 150-301 is designed to be installed as a remote unit behind the panel and has a chassis that fits existing smartPanel Mount units for iPad Air / Pro 9.7-in and iPad Mini.

The smartPower 150-301 features a feedback loop to keep the 2.7 amp current stable at all times.

The smartPower 150-301 is recommended for installation with the smartPanel Mount for iPad Air and iPad Mini flush mounts.

Approved for FAA Certified Part 23 Aircraft and Part 27 / 29 Rotorcraft

All smartPower 150/250 USB Power Supplies from Guardian Avionics are approved for installation in certified aircraft and rotorcraft under 14 CFR Part 23, 27 and 29 as "Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment" (NORSEE) as outlined in FAA memorandum number PS-AIR-21.8-1602. Power supplies and mounts may be installed as a minor alteration. Please refer to this link for the Guardian Avionics NORSEE Letter of Authorization.

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