smartPanel Mount and Power Supply Package for Apple iPad 10th Generation (Currently out of stock will ship in August)
smartPanel Mount and Power Supply Package for Apple iPad 10th Generation (Currently out of stock will ship in August)

smartPanel Mount and Power Supply Package for Apple iPad 10th Generation (Currently out of stock will ship in August)

iPad 10th Gen Mount Package: Dual 2.7 amp Power Supply (Powers Mount Plus a Single Panel Mounted 2.7 amp USB Port) with Fan Blower

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smartPanel Mount Package for Apple iPad iPad 10th Generation

Includes Panel Mount, 250-301 2.7 Amp Power Supply to Power Mount Plus Add a Single Panel USB Port, Fan Blower, USB-C Cable.

Fits iPad Models:

  • iPad 10th Gen ( A2696, A2757, A2777)

Full Package Includes:

  • smartPanel Mount for iPad 10 Gen (52-60)
  • smartPower 250-101 2.7 amp Power Supply with a Single USB-A Port (Powers Mount and USB Port) 
  • 14 or 28V fan blower power supply 
  • USB-C Cable with Open Wire Termination 
  • D-Sub 15-pin Solder Connector 
  • D-Sub Cable Shield 

The smartPanel Mount Package for Apple iPad 10 Generation in is a flush mounting system to easily dock and seamlessly integrate your existing iPad 10th Gen into your aircraft instrument panel, giving it a clean, professional appearance in an easy to view position! Once installed, the smartPanel mount allows your iPad to be docked in seconds, fully powered and ready for use, and able to be removed in seconds when done!

This package gives you the mount along with a panel mounted single 2.7 amp USB-A port that also features a hard-wired 2.7 amp connection from the rear to power the iPad mount! This way you can provide power to an external component like a phone or GPS/ADS-B receiver while keeping your iPad charged! Choose from a Single USB Round Faceplate or Single USB Square Faceplate.

The package also includes a USB-C cable to power the IPAD  as well as the 15-pin D-Sub connector to solder power in/out and a D-Sub connector cover.

If you were to buy all the components in this package on their own, you would spend $599 -- at $499, this money-saving package includes everything you will need to install and integrate the iPad Pro 11-in with your aircraft - panel mount, 2.7 amp power supply with a panel USB-A port. 

Compatible with all models of the 4th Gen iPad Air or iPad Pro 11, the smartPanel Mount allows you to transform your new or existing panel and use the midsize iPad considered to be the best for use in the cockpit, fully integrated with your instrument panel. Your charts and approach plates are in easy sight for reference and you can even use your iPad as a small multi-function display with the many popular iOS aviation apps available.

Power supplies may be installed as a minor alteration. Please refer to this link for the Guardian Avionics NORSEE Letter of Authorization.

Designed for General Aviation in mind.

The smartPanel Mount for iPad Air 4th Gen or iPad Pro 11 in was designed by aerospace engineers to perform in the unique environment of the cockpit. The spring actuated mounting cradle securely holds the iPad in place during the roughest of turbulence. The clean, flush mount has a shallow chassis allowing it to be easily installed in even the smallest of instrument panels. Built-in ports for the included USB-C cable in the package will keep cables safely and securely positioned behind the panel, allowing you the ability to connect to power, data, and audio without the cord mess. 

Packaged with smartPower 250-101 Power Supply

The smartPanel Mount Package for iPad Air 4th Gen or iPad Pro 11 in 250-101 Dual 2.7 amp Power Supply to provide power to the mount and your iPad Pro along with a USB-A port in the panel! The smartPower 250-101 converts all aircraft voltages from 9 to 48 volts (including common 12, 14, and 24 volt systems) and transforms it to 5 VDC at 2.7 amps (12 watt) to keep your iPad Air 4th Gen or iPad Pro 11 powered and charging through all phases of flight as well as another product via the panel port.

Keep it cool.

As they are being used, iPads generate heat that can affect performance -- resulting in a high-temperature shut down when you might need it most! Pilots have found this out the hard way when using a temporary mounting solution like Velcro to attach their unit to the instrument panel. The smartPanel Mount was designed with cooling in mind. Each mount has a built-in Fan Blower (14 or 28V) capable of supplying 4.6 cubic feet per minute of air and because it is powered by the aircraft you will not run out of battery. Each panel mounting tray features cooling channels to circulate Fan Blower air behind your iPad to keep it cool even under the heaviest of use.

Simple installation.

The smartPanel Mount is designed for easy installation in your panel. Each durable molded ABS plastic unit is self-contained and mounts with only four screws. Our installation drawings give you the exact panel cutout details and screw positions in either PDF or AutoCAD DXF for precise cuts. 

Mount in Automobiles, Boats, RVs, and Displays too!

Though the smartPanel Mount Package for iPad Air 4th Gen was designed for use in aircraft, the durable construction and well-designed flush mount can be used easily for a wide variety of applications -- wherever there is a flat surface! 

  • Automobile - - A great custom dashboard mount for custom cars, auto restorations, or to incorporate into your own upgrade design to customize your car or truck. An easy way to add a clean and custom navigation display in any vehicle!
  • Marine / Boats - The thin profile flush mount works well to create a custom bridge display in your boat, yacht, or watercraft for charts, weather, and navigation information. Mount in the wall of your cabin for a space-saving entertainment / communication / information system!
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Campers - Create a custom mount in the wall of your trailer, RV, or mobile home to have a simple entertainment and communication system while saving space!
  • Displays / Office / Home Use - An easy-to-install custom flush mount to add to trade show displays, retail kiosks, educational exhibits, home entertainment systems, and home management systems.