smartPlane Engine Monitor EM100 [Experimental Only]

Aircraft CO Detectors from Guardian Avionics

The new smartPlane EM100 Engine Monitor paired with the MFD 851 is the newest, budget friendly engine monitor system for your experimental or homebuilt aircraft! Using the flight data recording and iOS display technology used in the NORSEE-approved MFD 851 for certified aircraft, the EM100 frees you from the need to purchase an expensive, proprietary engine monitor system and display for your custom aircraft to get the valuable engine health and performance data that you need for increase safety, improve aircraft efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.

With the smartPlane EM100, you can measure, display, and record the following parameters from a variety of engine configurations:

- Exhaust Heat Temperature (EGT) - up to six cylinders
- Cylinder Heat Temperature (CHT) - up to six cylinders
- Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT) - up to three inputs
- Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
- Internal Inside Air Temperature (IAT)
- Oil Temperature (OT)
- Oil Pressure (OP)
- Fuel Pressure (FP)
- Fuel Levels (FL) - up to four tanks
- Fuel Flow (FF) - up to two inputs
- Revolutions Per Minute/Tachometer (RPM)
- Manifold Pressure (MP)
- Shunt for AMP Meter
- Voltage Input Monitor

Unlike many engine monitors that use proprietary probes and sensors, the EM100 can be configured with sensors and probes commonly available through popular aircraft parts retailers. Our team can assist you in getting the right configurations for your needs.

Once installed the EM100 collects and interprets the raw data collected from your engine and transmits it (via RS232) to the MFD 851 where it is paired with GPS and flight data, and is displayed on your mounted iPad through the smartMFD iOS app. Within the smartMFD app, your data is collected and transmitted to your smartCloud account where you, or anyone you allow access, can review all your collected engine data for trend analysis at any time. No USB thumb drives, no SD cards, no wires... it is all done through your iPad's data connection!

When you mount your iPad using a smartPanel mount from Guardian Avionics, the whole system looks like a clean, custom glass panel display or multifunction display - a display you can take home at night and use for tons of other purposes when you're not flying! You can't do that with the other engine monitors on the market, can you?

Best of all, the entire package costs far less than every other engine monitor on the market... and that just "plane" makes "cents"!