smartPlane EM100 Engine Monitor [Experimental Only]
smartPlane EM100 Engine Monitor [Experimental Only]

smartPlane EM100 Engine Monitor [Experimental Only]

Remote Mounted Engine Monitor

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Part Number [MPN]:75-78

The smartPlane EM100 is a Flight Engine Monitoring System, that works with the Guardian Avionics smartLink 851 series system. This unit is remote mounted behind the panel and is designed to integrate with the Guardian smartLink 851. The smartLink 851 communicates with the smartMFD iOS app via a hard wire (Dual) USB connection.

Your Engine Monitor, Connect & Display on Your iPad & iPhone.

The Engine Monitor is connected to your smartLink 851 via RS-232, allowing accurate engine performance data to be aggregated, transmitted, displayed, and recorded on your iPad and/or iPhone through the Guardian Avionics smartMFD app via a USB connection. 

Guardian Avionics Engine Monitor works like a Flight Engineer and allows you to have a multitude of features monitoring your flights and allowing you to have all the critical information’s you need at the same location.

The EM100 is composed of 3 main connectors (J2 Female 37P DB, J3 Male 37P DB, J4 Female 15P HD) on the back of the unit. Every connector is defined to specific sensors for specifics measurements. 

·   Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT’s) up to 6                                               Alcor 86252 Probe

·    Cylinder Heat Temperature (CHT’s) up to 6                                            Alcor 86255 Probe

·  Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT’s) up to 3                                                Alcor 86255 Probe

·    Outside Air Temperature (OAT)                                                               Aero 553-500 OAT Probe       PN: 52-30

·    Internal Inside Air Temperature (IAT)                                                     No Sensor Required

·    Oil Temperature (OT)                                                                               UMA 1B3A-2.5R Probe

·    Oil Pressure (OP)                                                                                      UMA N1EU150G

·     Fuel Pressure (FP)                                                                                    UMA N1EU70G

·    Fuel Levels (FL) up to 4                                                                           CiES CC284022-(XXXX)-(XXX) series

·    Fuel Flow (FF) up to 2                                                                              Electronics International FT-60

·    Revolution Per Minute (RPM)                                                                  UMA T1A9

·    Manifold Pressure (MP)                                                                            UMA N1EU70A

·    Shunt for AMP Meter                                                                                UMA 1CU4

·    Voltage Input Monitor                                                                               No Sensor Required

 "Sensors are not included within EM100 Product Packaging. They are listed for your information"

 As a result, your iPad and iPhone become multifunction displays -- fully equipped with accurate VFR and IFR maps and charts, rich graphical engine performance information, and even a PFD/MFD for quick reference. 

All Your Flight Data is Sent and Stored in the smartData site at for You.

Through the smartMFD app, all of your flight data is stored and uploaded to your account on the Guardian Avionics smartData web app via 3G/4G/LTE or WiFi at the end of every flight, with the ability to download and view flight tracks on programs like Google Earth, view engine data through rich charts and graphs, and even export your data for use through other programs or to send to others. If your iPad or iPhone Mini is connected to your audio panel through a 3.5 mm audio jack, the app will even record the audio from your intercom and upload it to your account for each flight too!

How can you use the data? See how accurate your recent practice approaches were on a recent flight. Send trend data to your A&P or engine manufacturer to troubleshoot an issue. Evaluate all aspects of a recent training flight, including radio procedures and much more to come.

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