smartCloud - Web App for Data Analysis

smartData from Guardian Avionics

The Guardian Avionics smartCloud web app is the partner app for the smartMFD iOS app -- smartMFD collects the data and when the flight is complete, your recorded data in the smartMFD app is automatically uploaded to your account on the smartCloud web application for you to review your flight through maps and engine performance charts in one place. No USB drives or SD cards needed – everything is uploaded wirelessly.

The smartCloud web application allows you, your mechanic, or anyone you choose to review long-term engine trend data to proactively detect potential issues, determine better engine settings for optimal performance, and store all operational data that may prove valuable in the future.

All your navigation plotting, speed, and altitude data is also captured and visible in smartCloud - you can view it as raw data, on a 2D map, or even export the 3D view to Google Earth! This is great for pilots practicing navigation and IFR approaches to view your accuracy after the flight.