smartMFD - Apple iOS App

smartMFD from Guardian Avionics

The Guardian Avionics smartMFD application for Apple iOS is what makes the smartPlane system a true budget-friendly multifunction display for your aircraft. Powered with data from the smartPlane product line, the smartMFD provides a user friendly display of aircraft positional and attitude data, engine performance data, and VFR/IFR charts and approach plates for easy reference. The smartMFD app also provides CO level alerts and pulse oximeter readings (85X Pending - 2020 First Quarter Release).

The smartMFD application records all flight data and automatically uploads it to the smartCloud web app from Guardian Avionics -- allowing you to analyze engine performance trends and review past flight path data.

When used with a smartPanel dock for the iPad or iPhone in your instrument panel - smartMFD can provide you everything you need in a multifunction display for a fraction of the cost of many others on the market.

What can smartMFD do?

  • Easy to understand MFD display.
  • GPS location, speed, altitude, and engine data recording with automatic uploading to smartData web app.
  • Accurate airspeed and altitude data display.
  • Attitude display with AHRS equipped smartPlane products.
  • Configurable engine monitor display with custom warning thresholds.
  • VFR & IFR sectional chart display with airport information and approach plates.
  • METAR & TAF weather data with AIRMET/SIGMET map overlays.
  • Carbon Monoxide level reporting and alerting when connected to smartPlane products.
  • Pulse oximeter data display (85X Pending - 2020 First Quarter Release).

Download the smartMFD iOS app by Guardian Avionics