smartPlane System


At Guardian Avionics; your health is our priority, and we wanted to create a feature where you can now view your Heart Rate (pulse) and Blood Oxygen Level (SPO2) on your Garmin G3X as well as our smartMFD app using your Apple Watch and our MFD 851!

How does this work? We take the information/data (Pulse and SPO2) from your Apple Watch, and send to your G3X and iPad via our MFD 851. 


smartPlane by Guardian Avionics is the industry’s first and only NORSEE-approved system to increase safety, improve aircraft efficiency, and lower maintenance costs. Guardian Avionics engineers took a ‘integrated’ approach to create this revolutionary new system which targets safety, operational efficiency while reducing costs.
Valuable information lives in your aircraft destined to live a solitary life confided by the avionics or instrument that created it. But what if you could aggregate all of it into something meaningful and useful? Enter smartPlane.
smartPlane connects existing navigational, engine management, and Carbon Monoxide prevention products in your aircraft -- increasing safety, improving aircraft efficiency, and helping you to save on maintenance issues. And with special value added feature like Real-time Aircraft Tracking, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Moving Map, Pilot Logbook, Aircraft Flight Logs, and Discrepancy Reports (squawk list) smartPlane costs less than if you subscribed independently from separated providers.

How It Works

Your Garmin, Avidyne, JPI, and NEW EM100 products* connect to the new line of Guardian Avionics smartPlane products – allowing your navigational, engine management, and AHRS data to be streamed to your iPad and iPhone by USB or Bluetooth. The data is then displayed in an easy to use multifunction display format and recorded on the Guardian Avionics smartMFD app – which also provides easy access to sectional, VFR, and IFR charts as well as airport and radio communication information.

When the flight is complete, your recorded data in the smartMFD app is automatically uploaded to your account on the Guardian Avionics smartCloud web application for you to review your flight through maps and engine performance charts in one place. No USB drives or SD cards needed – everything is uploaded wirelessly.

The smartCloud web application allows you, your mechanic, or anyone you choose to review long-term engine trend data to proactively detect potential issues, determine better engine settings for optimal performance, and store all operational data that may prove valuable in the future.

Mount & Power In Your Panel

Combined with the smartPanel iPad and iPhone instrument panel mounts and smartPower USB power supplies, the entire smartPlane system gives you a fully capable VFR multi-function display at a fraction of the cost of many multifunction display systems.

Approved for Installation in Part 23 Aircraft Under NORSEE Authorization

Finally, adding such robust functionality in a certified FAA Part 23 aircraft is simple and budget-friendly! The smartPlane System is the first of it's type to be approved for installation as a Minor Alteration under the new FAA NORSEE (Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment) authorization. This means that you can add this system as a backup reference without needing costly STCs, TSO products, and complicated field approvals. Under NORSEE, your A&P can install it with just a Minor Alteration logbook entry, and that's it!

See the Guardian Avionics NORSEE authorizations for smartPlane, smartPanel, and smartPower products at this link.

*More 3rd party avionics products will be added soon.

Click on the microphone to hear Guardian President and CEO Ash Vij discuss our SmartPlane MFD on Plane Talk.
  • smartPlane System in our RV-9A smartPlane System in our RV-9A
    Our RV-9A is the first aircraft to have our full Guardian Avionics smartPlane system installed. Our RV-9A is equipped with two iPad 11s, our EM100 engine monitor, our smartLink 851, and third party avionics making it fully IFR for under $32,000 including labor.
  • smartPlane System in our Skyhawk 172 smartPlane System in our Skyhawk 172
    Our Skyhawk 172 is our second aircraft to have our Guardian Avionics smartPlane system installed. Our 172 is equipped with three iPad Minis, one iPhone X, our smartLink 851, and third party avionics making it fully IFR all for under $43,000 including labor.